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Adjustable Monkey Bars

Great for kiddos who are old enough for the “big kid” seat on the rear rack, but are easily distracted or take naps on the ride. The Adjustable Monkey Bars are totally compatible with the Yepp Maxi child seat and most of our other Add-Ons.
The new adjustable design allows more versatility with your rear rack.  With the easy to use snap pin attachment system the bars can come and go as quickly as your cargo changes. This new feature also makes storing your cargo bike in a tight space much easier.


  • Gathered user feedback and incorporated requested features accordingly

  • Created an early stage proof on concept prototype

  • Modeled all custom parts in Solidworks and sourced existing parts to reduce overall cost

  • Designed all user manuals and packaging

  • Tested products to failure and ran appropriate calculations for payload ratings


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