Mechanical Engineer - Physicist - Ceramicist - Artist

My background stems from a liberal arts education at Goshen College, and I have a diverse set of interests outside of mechanical engineering. 

In 2013, I bicycled from Asuncion, Paraguay to Goshen, Indiana through 13 countries over the course of 11 months and 10,300 miles. The trip not only improved my Spanish but exposed me to a variety of cultures and people.  The following year I was a PULSE fellow in Pittsburgh, PA, serving at a local community development organization in the Northside and founding a community bicycle co-op called the Alley Bike Co-op where people could learn how to do their own bicycle maintenance for free. Seeking to return to a math and science field, I returned to the University of Pittsburgh for a BS in mechanical engineering. At Pitt I founded and ran the Pitt Human Powered Vehicle Club and spent three semesters doing a co-op program at Yuba Bicycles. Upon graduating, I worked for two years at Deeplocal, an innovative marketing company that specializes in custom machines and experiences to help companies brand themselves.



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2009 - 2013

Goshen College | BA in Physics | BA in Art

2015 - 2018

University of Pittsburgh | BS Mechanical Engineering

Work Experience

2018 - 2020

2016 - 2017


2016 - 2017

2014 - 2015

Deeplocal | Mechanical Engineer | Pittsburgh, PA

Yuba Bicycles | Design Engineering Intern | Cotati, CA

Rorus Inc. | Engineering Intern | Pittsburgh, PA

University of Pittsburgh | Research Assistant | Pittsburgh, PA

PULSE | Fellow | Pittsburgh, PA